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A Walk through Downtown Floripa

Cidade: Florianópolis


Want to discover a different side of Floripa that goes beyond sun and sea? This walking tour in the Historic Center can be easily explored on foot in a few hours and takes you to some of its main tourist attractions. Join me, and I'll show you.

Dicas do Passeio:

There are some important information for this tour. This walk covers approximately 2 km with some ups and downs along the way. I recommend bringing a water bottle, wearing comfortable shoes, a cap or hat, and applying sunscreen if it's a sunny day. Remember that to do our walk, you must follow the map with the itinerary of our tour, which includes 16 stopping points where you can take a break. Don't worry, this tour is considered a light physical activity. The entire tour should take around 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Note: Stop number 4 on the tour is Café Ponto Chic, affectionately known as Senadinho. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the establishment has closed, but I've kept this point in the itinerary because the location where it used to be is still significant to the city.